Challenges give collectors an opportunity to earn various rewards for submitting a successful entry. All Challenges are to be completed during the Challenge timeframe and before the snapshot deadline. We recommend checking your Challenge entry at least once before the snapshot to confirm that you have successfully completed it.

Collection Challenges

Collection Challenges require you to collect and hold the required Moments in your collection at the time of the snapshot deadline in order to be eligible for the associated reward. Collectors who do not hold the required Moments at the time of the snapshot will not be eligible for the reward so we also recommend that you attempt the Challenge ahead of time.

Burn Challenges

Burn Challenges require collectors to permanently remove or “burn” the required Moments during the timeframe of the Challenge to receive a reward. 

Moments that have been burned are permanently deleted from the platform and cannot be brought back. This decreases the supply in the UFC Strike economy and helps make the Moments more scarce. To complete a Burn Challenge, you will need to use the Moment Burning Tool which you can read more about here.

Please note: Moment Burning is an irreversible process. Once a Moment NFT is burned, it is gone forever and it cannot be returned. We highly recommend that collectors only begin the process of burning their Moments until they have all the necessary Moments needed to complete the Challenge.

Hybrid Challenges

Hybrid Challenges is a combination of Collection Challenges and Burn Challenges which require collectors to both hold and burn Moments. Please make sure to carefully read the requirements to know which Moments to burn and which ones to hold onto in your collection.


Fine Print

  • If a Moment that is not eligible for a Burn or Hybrid Challenge is burned, you will not be able to recover this moment, nor will it count towards your total in completing a particular Challenge.
  • Moments that have been burned previously will not count toward future Challenges unless otherwise specified.
  • Fans must complete all of their Moment burnings before any deadline and during the timeframe of the Challenge in order to be eligible. 
  • Fans who have burned too few Moments or incorrect Moments will not be eligible for the reward.
  • Snapshot times/dates may be extended if maintenance mode or technical difficulties prevent the Marketplace or Moment Burning tool from being accessible for long periods of time.

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