Moment Burning Tool

Collectors can burn Moments to complete Challenges or to simply get rid of Moments from their collection. Moment Burning is an irreversible process. Once a Moment NFT is burned, it is gone forever and there is no way to recover them. For any Moment Burn Challenges, we highly recommend that collectors only begin the process of burning their Moments until they have all the necessary Moments needed to complete the Challenge. Collectors are only able to burn (1) Moment at a time.



When on the Moment Burning page, collectors will see their total Moments burned in the top right and toggles for Moments in their collection and burned Moments. On the toggle for Moments in their collection, collectors will be able to select a Moment to burn.



Once a collector selects a Moment to burn, they will be asked to confirm this by typing the requested text. On this modal, collectors will be warned about the irreversibility of the burning function.



Lastly, the Burned Moments toggle will display Moments burned by collectors, including the burn date and time.



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