Hype NFTs

Hype NFTs are a type of digital collectible available on UFC Strike. A showcase of personality from your favorite UFC athletes, these Moments contain hilarious interviews, legendary face-offs, and top-tier smack talk, enabling fans to own those Moments as theirs in the form of Hype NFTs.
These NFTs will be minted to an edition size based on that reservation amount, and each Hype NFT will have a distinct serial number.
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How are Hype NFTs different from Moment NFTs?

Moment NFTs will continue to be the main priority for UFC Strike, featuring the best Moments from inside the Octagon, used to complete Challenges, adhere to strict scarcity rules, and earn status within the UFC Strike ecosystem.
Hype NFTs will only feature actions from outside of the fights and will primarily be a collectible NFT, will not be used to complete Challenges, do not have set scarcity rules, and will mostly be distributed as promotional items of rewards.
  • Limit one Hype NFT reservation per UFC Strike Account
  • Hype NFTs will be able to be bought and sold on the UFC Strike Marketplace

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