Pack Drops and the Queue

Pack Drops

Packs contain a different assortment of possible Moment™ NFTs, with an exact breakdown of what is available inside packs while supplies last. Pack drops are the method by which packs are released to, and purchased by the UFC Strike community. 


Before the Queue

Prior to an actual drop time, collectors will be able to "Join the Drop" and enter a waiting room. The waiting room is a buffer that allows all interested and eligible collectors to join. The time that the waiting room is open can vary between drops. This waiting room helps ensure that everyone interested has a fair and equal chance to purchase a pack. Whether you join an hour ahead or five minutes, your position in the queue (ie. Queue ID) will be randomized.


The Queue

The queue refers to the system in which pack drops are conducted. All collectors who joined the drop ahead of the actual drop time will be taken to the queue. After a short wait, the system will randomly assign each collector in the waiting room a number in the queue. This system will determine the order in which collectors are provided the opportunity to purchase a pack. 

Collectors who join a drop after queue positions have been randomly distributed will be placed at the end of the queue. There aren’t any special tricks to getting a lower queue number, as it's randomized for everyone in the community. Collectors unable to wait on the queue screen can provide an email address to be notified when it is their turn by clicking on their corresponding queue ID (marked in red below) and providing their email address.




It is recommended to wait until the confirmation email has been received before leaving the queue screen. Once the queue has reached a collector's position in line, they have 20 minutes to successfully purchase a pack.


Additional tips for a successful Drop:

  • Refrain from joining the queue on another tab, browser, device, or account, as this may interfere with your existing queue position.
  • We recommend verifying your identity ahead of pack drops, as you may be asked to verify your identity during purchase if your account recently hit a threshold of financial activity from purchases and sales.
  • There may be instances in which we’re forced to pause or delay the queue.
  • Ensure pop-ups are enabled for UFC Strike.

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