Introducing Tiers and Edition Sizes

UFC Strike Moments NFTs will be minted into one of the five rarity Tiers. These tiers denote relative scarcity within a Series. These Tiers will also correspond with visual designations and bespoke colors for the design of the Moment frames.

Series 0 will comprise of only Contender and Champion Tier Moments, whereas Series 1 may incorporate all five Tiers. The rarity Tiers and associated edition sizes for Series 0 and 1 (intended to span across the 2022 calendar year) are as follows:

  • Fandom: Uncapped
  • Contender: 5,000 to 25,000
  • Challenger: 250 to 2,500
  • Champion: 25 to 99
  • Ultimate: 1 to 10


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