Introducing UFC Strike & FAQs


Fight fans, get ready for a next-generation fan experience. With UFC Strike, you can own, buy, and sell officially licensed video NFTs of the most epic Moments straight from the Octagon.

Here is a quick overview of some of the basics you need to know about the product and NFTs:


What is UFC Strike?

UFC Strike is a whole new way to connect with your favorite fighters by collecting next-level digital video NFTs of epic highlights from the biggest fights. You’ll be able to collect iconic Moments from the fighters you love as video NFTs from UFC’s past and present.

What is a Pack?

Similar to a pack of collectible trading cards, a UFC Strike Pack contains Moments, officially licensed UFC video NFTs.

What is a Moment NFT?

Moment NFTs are unique, limited-edition NFTs of the most iconic video highlights of strikes, submissions and more, straight from the action in the Octagon.

What is a Pack Drop?

An opportunity to buy a pack of Moment NFTs. At the scheduled time, you’ll have the chance to join others in purchasing available packs. More Packs will be dropping throughout the course of 2022 featuring additional fighters and Moments.

What is a Serial Number?

A serial number identifies exactly which unique Moment NFT (out of the total number available) you specifically own.

What can I do with the NFTs once I have them?

Once owned, your UFC Strike Moment NFTs are fully owned by you. Show them off to your friends, collect the full set, or sell them in the marketplace.


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