Accessing Your Transaction History

You can now view the activity history on your Dapper account – your purchases, sales, withdrawals, and pending transactions – in an easy-to-read feed displayed directly below your Dapper Balance on your account's 'Home' tab. Navigate to the settings icon in the top right corner near the activity icon and select 'My Dapper Wallet' and select the 'Home' tab on the top of the menu. Scroll down to find the following feed view of your transaction history: 



On this page, you can click on specific events such as a UFC purchase to view the full details, such as what the purchase was for. Once you click on an activity, you will be directed to a page similar to the one below.



Using the 'Activity History'

If you want to refine your feed and view only a subset (or subsets) of your activity history, you can do so by using different filters. You can filter by:

  • All transactions
  • Dapper Balance purchases
  • Dapper Balance adjustments, including any promotional deposits 
  • Dapper Balance withdrawals
  • Pack purchases
  • Marketplace purchases
  • Marketplace sales
  • Pending transactions (this includes any payments or sales still in a 'Pending' state)

Simply select 'Show Filters' to see all the options at your disposal. You may have more than one filter selected at a time.

Continued enhancements

We are currently working on a number of enhancements to the Activity History feature including:

  • A running tally of your Dapper Balance after each activity
  • Additional filtering functionality
  • Detailed pages for all activity items, not just purchases

We will announce each enhancement as they get added.

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